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Final Blog Entry

1. The Strongest of my images I think was the nature photos of flowers. My favorite assignment was the home life variations. I enjoyed the visual look of my home life photo.

2.If I could re-do one assignment I would re-do the David Hockney shoot. I would shoot a different, more detailed setting. 

3. Yes I did shoot on my own. I liked using the different setting on the camera like the slow shutter speed. Shooting for the assignments made me want to shoot more.          

4. I would like to shoot more nature images without using much editing. 

David Hockney Inspired Photo

1. David Hockney, born in 1937, was a British painter, photographer, and designer. HIs success was based on his colorful personality. His early paintings were more jokey. His work has a strong homo-erotic content. Hockney is a brilliant draughtsman and in the 1970’s he began working as a stage and costume designer. His early work made great use of the popular magazine styles today which are mainly pop art based.

2. The Place Furstenberg painting inspred me the most because of the several layered image.

3. I put layer over layer and made each layer look as if its popping out of the page.

4. I started off with one base photo and began adding different segments of a different image onto the main image where it looked like it would fit in. I repeated this step with different layers and used the drop shadow tool in photoshop.

5. I would use different layers to add on to the photo. 

Questions for Eyewitness Photos

1.For my event I chose to shoot my brothers volleyball game.

2.I tried to communicate the idea of being in the zone. The seriousness of the game and how engaged the players are.

3.I wish i could have created a photo of the crowd and the reaction of them when the team scored a point. Or a photo of the referee. I would have captured this image after one team got a point.

4.I really like the image of the players back. I saturated it more and I liked the outcome. At first it was part of another bigger image, but I cropped out the top part and found I liked the image of the backs. 

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